Xiaomi Youpin Submarine อุปกรณ์หัวฉีดน้ำแบบพกพาขนาด 3 เมตรสำหรับติดห้องน้ำ

Xiaomi Youpin Submarine อุปกรณ์หัวฉีดน้ำแบบพกพาขนาด 3 เมตรสำหรับติดห้องน้ำ

Brand: Xiaomi


Submarine ABS Bathroom Handheld Bidet Sprayer Portable Toilet Shower Head Sprayer Set Hygiene 3m PC Retractable Hose

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►► Description:
Easy to rinse / Environmentally friendly water saving / Multi-color optional

►► Features:

  • Small body energy, strong water flow, fast cleaning.
  • Press-type effluent, adjustable water flow intensity.
  • Wide range of cleaning, spring hose stretch length of about 3 meters, flexible and flexible.
  • Intimate three-way design converter, no need to move the family waterway.
  • ABS material selection, solid and durable is not heavy.

►► Parameters:
Toilet spray gun set
Product model: F405A/F405B/F405C/F405D
Product color: white / black / blue / red
Spray gun size: 33x180x33mm
Spray gun material: ABS
Stretch range: about 3 meters
Hose material: PC hose

Handheld spray gun set / toilet set
Product model: 401B/F401B
Product color: silver
Spray gun size: 33x180x33mm
Angle valve size: 115x63x55mm
Water outlet mode: one into two outlets

►► Package List:
1 x Toilet spray gun set Or
1 x Handheld spray gun set / toilet set

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